High Quality Lavender Honey – 1 kg

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From amber to golden yellow, it is characterized by a typical delicate aroma, a creamy texture with fruity flavors. Thanks to its softening and antiseptic qualities, is also excellent for relieving the airway, calming dry cough and helping to treat colds

To preserve its beneficent virtues avoid to heat it.

Producer: Mel Muria, El Perellò, Tarragona (Spain)

Mel Muria, founded in 1810 by Rafel Muria Queralt, is a company dedicated to the world of beekeeping for five generations. The various products of Mel Muria, honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly, are among the most famous in Catalonia and Spain. The long list of national and international awards is confirmation. The company currently owns 1,400 hives.

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