Organic « Rosso del Ticino » Complete Corn Semolina – 500 g

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The «Rosso del Ticino» maize is an old local variety of the canton of Ticino preserved by the association Pro specie Rara. Due to its excellent qualitative characteristics, it was decided to reintroduce this old maize variety for the production of polente flour. This old variety was put back into cultivation as part of a project. The basic seed was recovered from elderly people who were still growing this variety for their own use.

Supplier: Paolo Bassetti – Cadenazzo, Ticino
Mr Basset-ti, Dr Engineer-Agronomist, is responsible for the renewal of the cultivation of local maize varieties adapted to the preparation of polenta. He worked in different places before returning to Ticino. He completely reorganized the production of corn varieties best suited for polenta preparation.

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