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In this section you will find a selection of favorites from winegrowers from here and elsewhere.

The range is composed of production in PER (Required Ecological Performance) in organic as well as biodynamic (Demeter in particular).

The Champagne is elaborated by a Récoltant-Manipulant and the beers are produced in a craft brewery in Bavois.

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  • Cave de la Pierre

    The Cave de la Pierre, founded in 1974, exploits a vineyard of 4,5 ha located on the right bank of the Rhône between Sierre and Venthône.

    This family business produces only quality wines.

    The estate is managed according to the principles of integrated production (P I). The production, strictly limited, guarantees a grape of high quality and allows a careful and rigorous vinification.

    The wines are matured according to modern techniques, respecting the tradition.

  • Domaine Antoine Bovard

    Antoine & Denis Bovard - Maison Jaune - Treytorrens/ Lavaux

    All the plots are located on the magnificent slopes of Lavaux.

    They are cultivated in banquette to limit erosion and in gobelet to maintain the tradition.

    They are managed under the rules of Integrated Production, respecting the environment and limiting fertilizers and treatments.

    The control of these requirements gives us the right to label "VINATURA". Their approach is to take the risk of waiting for an optimal maturity to harvest, to obtain a high quality harvest, with well typed terroirs.

    The vinification on lees allows to keep a natural sparkle and the mellowness of our wines.

  • Marie-Thérèse Chappaz

    Marie-Thérèse Chappaz, has gradually developed her estate since 1988. In 1997 she decided to start biodynamic farming in order to limit her interventions and with the desire to produce great wines.

    Each year she tries to improve and to let the wine of her vines live. Her philosophy is clear: not too many interventions and less and less external inputs. In the vineyard, no synthetic products or fertilizers

  • Christian Guyot

    Born in the Champagne region of Geneva and attached to this region, it is naturally there that I exploit a few parcels of vineyard.

    My desire is to offer high quality artisanal wines, which express the terroir.

    What is the difference between a terroir wine and an "industrial" wine, a winegrower's wine and a wine from a large wine merchant? The shape of its bottle? its taste? its production philosophy? Certainly!

  • Reto Müller

    Reto Müller, Artisan-Winemaker - in Leytron (Valais)

    His ambition is to produce natural wines with a strong typicity.

    "My vinification wants to be flexible in order to give the wine the latitude that will allow it to express its terroir and its vintage. This is my intention ... "

  • Domaine Guillot-Broux

    Domain, managed by two brothers Emmanuel and Patrice Guillot, certified in organic agriculture since 1991.

    It covers an area of 17 hectares and extends over 3 villages: Cruzille, Grévilly and Chardonnay divided into 3 appellations Bourgogne, Mâcon Cruzille and Mâcon Chardonnay

  • JR Escoda

    Joan Ramon Escoda is a passionate winegrower and winemaker who is very committed to biodynamics. His philosophy favors the respect of the raw material.

    The fermentation of the grapes is carried out by indigenous yeasts and the wines are not subjected to filtration or stabilization. During the vinification, no sulfur is added. These criteria make it possible to define its products as "natural wines resulting from biodynamics"

  • Champagnes Collard-Picard

    The Domaine Collard-Picard is one of the rare "Récoltant-Manipulant" in the elaboration of Champagne.

    This implies that it only works its own production, with an ancestral know-how of craftsmen who have traced the paths of a true passion.

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