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  • Flours, Seeds, Semolinas & Flakes

    In this section you will find different seeds, semolina and
    organic flakes.

    The seeds come from the Domaine des Papillons of Corentin Tissot in Allens (Vaud).

    The corn semolina, yellow and red "Rosso des Ticino" from (Pro Specie Rara), as well as the
    flakes are elaborated by a small company which organizes the organic production in Ticino.

  • Organic Rice & Risotto

    Organic rice and risotto from the "Cascina Belvedere", a traditional family estate in the Po Valley, Italy.

    The Picco family has passed on from generation to generation the love of the land and the production of different types of rice.

    The philosophy of the Picco family is to produce rice and risottos of different origins, in respect of the tradition, for several years in organic production.

  • Dried fruits

    Raw hazelnuts with Protected Designation of Origin "Avellana de Reus", as well as two varieties of almonds, Marcona (in the Turròns) and Largueta, roasted and slightly salted.

    Dried organic Aronia berries produced by the Müller family in Bière (Vaud).

  • Isa's corner

    Isabelle de Groote. Artisanal production of jams, syrups, pestos and various other sauces, without preservatives or colorants.

    It is on the family estate at Savigny as well as in the surrounding nature, that she draws most of the fruits and herbs for her recipes.

  • Turròn - Nougat

    The first factory of the company Plà Ferràndiz was founded in Xixona (Jijona), province of Alicante, in 1885.

    The production of different specialties such as Turron Alacant (hard nougat), almond bars with dark and milk chocolate, began in the premises adjacent to the family home.

    The Turron Alacant, a sweet made of whole roasted almonds, honey, sugar and egg whites, is one of the great specialties of the House and of Catalan gastronomy, since the 17thcentury.

    It is made according to a traditional know-how that has been passed on from generation to generation.

  • Organic Herbs & Herbal Teas, Spices

    In this section you will find several aromatic herbs from Camille Boschung as well as Valais Saffron, produced by Alain Bétrisey in Ayent.

  • Honeys

    In this section you will find Swiss honeys from Jaques Troxler in Le Vaud and from Corinne
    Gabioud in Martigny, as well as a selection of Spanish honeys from Mel Muria.

    Jaques Troxler is a retired agricultural engineer with a passion for beekeeping. We
    offer you a spring and a summer honey from the foot of the Jura.
    Corinne Gabioud has been a passionate beekeeper for more than 30 years and organizes guided tours
    of her apiary.
    The company Mel Muria, created in 1810, has nearly 2'000 hives and practices transhumance,
    to obtain pure and diversified honeys. You will find these different honeys:
    eucalyptus, rosemary, orange blossom, thyme and mountain

  • Soap

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