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In this section you will find all the organic products available on this site

Organic selections


  • Olive oil

    MIRO CUBELLS - Province of Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain)

    The Miro and Cubells families have been present in the village of Cabacés for many generations.

    The olive plots, some of them several hundred years old, benefit from microclimates linked to the Ebro valley and the continental and Mediterranean influence. Their objective of production is clear: to produce in organic agriculture.

    All the olive oils are therefore produced in accordance with the specifications of the "Catalan Council of Agricultural Production Ecological (CCPAE)".

  • Huiles (Autres)
  • Flours

    Stéphane Deytard family - Ferme du Petit Noyer in Suchy.

    Our approach is inspired by permaculture, biodynamics, agro-ecology and the study of soil and plant biology.

    The operation of the farm is organized in the most balanced way possible between animals and crop rotation to minimize the need for inputs.

    The whole of the agricultural production of the domain and all the transformation of the products answers the specifications of Bio Suisse.

  • Pasta, Seeds, Semolina & Flakes

    In this section you will find pasta and seeds from the canton of Vaud, polenta and puffed cereals from Ticino.

  • Rice, Risottos

    Organic rice and risotto from the "Cascina Belvedere", a traditional family estate in the Po Valley, Italy.

    The Picco family has passed on from generation to generation the love of the land and the production of different types of rice.

    The philosophy of the Picco family is to produce rice and risottos of different origins, in respect of the tradition, for several years in organic production.

  • Herbs, Teas & Spices
  • Wines

    In this section you will find the different Winemakers producing organic and biodynamic wines.

    They are Swiss, Spanish (Catalans) and French

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